10 Reasons Why We Drive A Piece of Crap Car


  1. It’s paid off
  2. It gets us to where I need to go
  3. It’s paid off
  4. It gets good gas mileage
  5. It is paid off
  6. It still has A/C and heat
  7. It’s paid off
  8. It is reliable (enough)
  9. It’s paid off
  10. I have no shame

Ok, to be honest, driving our rusty, cracked windshield old Honda Civic that hasn’t aged well does not bring me joy. It is not luxurious, it is not fun, it is a little embarrassing, but it gets us to where we need to go, and we plan to drive that piece of junk until we can’t anymore.  All joking aside, I am thankful for the reliability of this car. It doesn’t matter if the front bumper is falling off, the fabric interior is peeling off the doors, and the car is stained from 5 spilled coffees, we will keep chuggin along. The truth is, we could buy another car, but since we still have one that runs, we don’t plan to until we have to. While we still have young kids, it is nice not to care too much about what happens to it, or in it, as well.


I was just thanking God for our cool A/C today as I got into the car in an 80 degree Palm Spring RV Resort. So next time you see us in that old rust bucket, don’t feel bad for us, just know, we are happy in our paid off A/C filled vehicle that gets us to where we need to go! 🙂 Keeping this old easy to tow car, and selling our nicer SUV that we were still making payments on, and that used a lot more gas, was a great decision for us that helped us save a lot more money in the long run! Living on a budget for us is truly about living within our means, and if we can stretch even living below it, and save more, even better.

Wave next time you see us klunking on by!


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