Goodbye, Norm!

We said goodbye to our old friend “Norm” this past year. Normal that is, you know, whatever whoever decided is the normal way of life these days. We no longer care if we have what our neighbor has, or how nice our cars are, we have traded all of that in. We have turned over […]

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Home is where the snow is?!

We are back home in Ohio, it is the middle of April, and it is still snowing! How is this possible?! We were just in the 80 degree weather, experiencing summer-like weather in Phoenix, swimming everyday last week! We (especially me) loved being in warmer weather for a good part of this past winter. Only […]

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Family Fun in Phoenix

  Our stay in the Phoenix area started with 3 days of dry camping at the beautiful Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction, just a bit east of Phoenix. There are so many wonderful state parks in Arizona, many with camping sites, but you want to book them at least a couple of months […]

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These Are The Good Old Days

Have you ever gotten that realization in the moment you are in now? It just hit me as I was looking through some of our recent photos. For me, where I am right now, these are good days! I have had good old days before, and found some right here in the moment. I am […]

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