Our Natural Remedy Arsenal

I was a nurse for 7 years before having kids, after kids, I started looking more into natural remedies, and taking care of my kids with natural means, as much as possible, when they were sick. I quickly stumbled on essentials oils, which pretty much everyone who knows me knows that I love to use them. […]

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In the waiting…

Seasons of waiting, when you can see what you want, but can’t quite get there yet, can be difficult to walk through. These waiting room seasons are also part of the journey, and a place where we can grow to get ready for where we are headed. College, waiting to sell a house, buy a […]

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Why We do What We do

We have had people ask us why? Why are we doing what we are doing? Of course, there are many answers to this question. A big part was that we felt the pull to go out and use the skills and connections that God had given us to connect with, and help more churches worship […]

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When Fear Stops You

Fear can rob us of a number of things if we let it. On one hand, healthy fear can be our friend. If we had no fears, we would do dumb things all of the time. On the other hand, fear that has a stronghold over us can really hold us back if we let […]

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Make it work

I am finding that this traveling lifestyle has a lot to do with resilience. How flexible and I, and how determined am I to make it work? I guess every area in life has a way of working itself out if we are flexible and determined enough to see it through. We have grand plans […]

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Life in the Slow Lane

We never realized how much we, and many people around us were rushing through life until we slowed down a bit…and arrived on the west coast. We are not commonly slow drivers, maybe a little more so when traveling because we don’t know where we are or where our next turn is. Especially in our […]

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Is what I am doing healthy?

When taking on a new adventure, career, life change, or ambitious endeavor, it is always important for us to stop and ask ourselves, is this healthy for me and my family, and to reassess that question as time goes on. At times, something that we thought was going to be healthy for us is not, […]

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